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                                                  Established in 1990, Jiangyin Tianxiang Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd currently covers an area of over 35,000 m2 and has a building area of 18,000 m2. The company has more than 120 employees, including 18 technicians graduated from senior colleges or secondary schools, and 6 engineers. In addition, the company has several managerial staff. Now its existing asset has reached over RMB 50 million Yuan. The company has introduced totally30 units of 200T, 160T, 80T, 60T, 45T and 25T fully-automatic high-speed punching machines and 88 units of manual punching machines. Over two hundred sets of high-speed dies can satisfy customers’ requirements for any specification of transformer lamination core (EI lamination, UI lamination, TL lamination). The company has been equipped with hot treatment and electromagnetic property test devices. In 2011, it has introduced production lines for transformers to begin production of transformers and tractors.
                                                  The company has an annual output of over 25,000 tons of international standard and domestic standard EI lamination, three-phase EI lamination, EI lamination of non-standard series, EI lamination of Philips series, EI lamination of Yaming series, UI lamination, TL lamination, motor lamination core and transformer lamination core of various specifications. It has now become a base which is able to manufacture the most completed models of silicon steel lamination in east China.


                                                  Whether too much punching oil will impair the quality of argon-arc welding?
                                                  Punching oil is a necessity for rust prevention and lubrication during production. However, too much oil will impair the quality of argon-arc welding. Therefore, we use punching oil with high volatility, which can not only prevent rustiness during product transportation, but also assure high-speed volatilization during use.
                                                  Common questions of packing materials

                                                  Sometimes customers require exported pallets to be fumigated or to use fumigation-free pallets, attached with fumigation certificates. Since last year, the state inspection and quarantine administration stipulated that exported pallets marked with IPPC can be proved to have been treated...

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